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LAWD announces Joint Venture with Delta Agribusiness

Melbourne – LAWD (Land, Agribusiness, Water and Development) and Delta Agribusiness today announced it is joining forces and entering a Joint Venture partnership to provide a dynamic new Real Estate offering across NSW and Victoria.

LAWD are a new major player in the rural property and valuation landscape, made up of a team of specialists with long term and extensive experience in Agribusiness and Peri urban developments. Delta Agribusiness are a leading independent rural services company in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

With a footprint of 42 locations across the eastern states, Delta Agribusiness, which incorporates North West Ag Services and AGRIvision Consultants in Victoria is one of Australia’s fastest growing rural services companies, with an expansive network reach of more than 9,000 clients.

Employing around 300 people, the Delta Agribusiness group is a recognized as an innovative market leader, offering a diverse rural services platform encompassing merchandise, ag chemicals, agronomy and precision ag technologies, animal health, seed & fertilizer, Livestock and property, grain marketing and, finance & insurance.

This agreement will enable LAWD to offer its agribusiness real estate services to Delta Agribusiness’ extensive client network. In return, LAWD’s services and extensive regional property marketing services platform will provide access to an expanded pool of capital for Delta Agribusiness’ clients.

The agreement will enable Delta Agribusiness and LAWD to, together, offer a holistic, full suite of rural services that creates a true competitive advantage in the growing agribusiness market.

Col Medway

LAWD Director Colin Medway said “the partnership highlighted LAWD’s commitment to continue growing its new Agribusiness platform in Australia, which has grown significantly since its establishment earlier this year. Delta Agribusiness are a market leader in the regions they operate in, and have built up a highly respected and powerful brand over the past 15 years of operations”

Gerard Hines

Delta Agribusiness Managing Director Gerard Hines said “We are proud to partner with LAWD, and through combining Delta’s extensive agronomic and advisory and Livestock marketing network and client relationships, with LAWD’s experience and relationships, we believe we can add significant additional value to prospective vendors and buyers through a pooling of knowledge, technology and expertise to maximize results.”

The Joint Venture will commence in November for an initial three-year period, with option to extend this agreement thereafter.

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