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Active Farmers is a registered Not For Profit Organisation and Health Promotion Charity, bringing together farmers and other locals in small farming communities through group fitness, in a fun and interactive environment. 

Designed especially for farmers with limited or no local access to fitness expertise and equipment, Active Farmers provides motivational, challenging and fun training sessions to help promote great physical health and mental wellbeing, and that suit all levels of fitness and experience.

Active Farmers also provides a range of other services to complement our ultimate aim of improving mental health in regional areas, including nutrition, mindfulness, massage and access to mental health specialists online.

Delta Agribusiness is proud to be the foundation sponsor of the Active Farmers program, and we believe it’s an important initiative an wonderful opportunity to be further involved in rural communities, especially as we see more and more people across our branch network communities suffering various stresses and mental health issues.

Farmers are becoming more and more isolated as technology improves and farms and machinery are all getting bigger and pressures are greater like finances, or things that they may not be able to control, like the weather. This program not only brings people together to improve fitness but the social interactions to break down isolation and as a way of clearing your head is really good when you are stressed.

To learn more and to get involved head to:

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