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At Delta Ag we have developed leading Precision Ag offerings for our clients. Supported by a suite of the latest technologies in collecting and interpreting farm data, we enable farmers with the tools and advice to make better management decisions, and to increase the efficiency and results from a more focussed application of farm inputs. Utilising NDVI satellite imagery, yield data collection and processing, variable rate application consultancy and strip trial analysis, we can tailor your exact needs to our suite of PA offerings.


Contact your Delta Ag Agronomist to find out more or send the PA team an email:

Make better management decisions
Increase efficiency
Improve results from farm inputs


• Understanding variability helps drive better decision making
• Frequent high detail Satellite NDVI imagery
• Assess crop biomass from emergence through to maturity
• Identify, locate and diagnose problems or constraints
• Understand & quantify biomass impacts on yield potential

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Yield - Data Driven Decisions

Yield data can provide a valuable resource for analysing decisions. Once collected, the data is processed and cleaned to remove errors then post calibrated to ensure accuracy.

This canola paddock example shows the yield response and economic benefit of applying an extra strip and higher rate of Urea.

• Paddock received 100kg/ha Urea topdressed, the strip received an additional 50kg/ha Urea
• The Urea strip trial was used to test the response of additional nitrogen on yield potential
• Additional 50kg Urea/ha ($28) increased yield 400kg/ha ($220)
• Assuming this was repeated across the 32ha, additional net profit would have been $6,144
• This gives future confidence in building nitrogen strategies

Yield Data.png

Zoning for Management Decisions

When variation exists in Imagery, Yield, Soil type and Elevation, developing management zones is the best ROI for future decisions. When this approach is teamed up with comprehensive multi-depth soil testing, growers and advisors have the ultimate and most cost effective information to manage paddock decisions.The comprehensive soil tests allow diagnosis of constraints, helping to build variable rate amelioration plans. This may improve yield potential or reduce inputs on non-fixable areas.


Variable Rate:

Lime                (Acid Soils)

Gypsum          (Sodic Soils)

Manure           (Low organic matter soils)

ReplacementPhosphorus  (From removal previous year)

Nitrogen         (By soil type/ plant available water)

Seed                (Weed competition, light soils)   

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