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Delta Ag branches stock a comprehensive range of Pool Magic Products, including Granular Chlorine, Adjusters, Algaecides, Stabilising Tablets and a complementing range of Pool filters, pumps and accessories.


Pool Magic is a division of Klorman Industries Pty Ltd (Est. 1996), a diversified and technology driven manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of products and brands within the retail, industrial and agricultural market sectors.

Under the Pool Magic banner, Klorman Industries are committed to developing, designing and manufacturing innovative products to ensure the end user an exceptional range that really makes a difference, and while service, support and product training will always be vital components of the Pool Magic Team's values, their greatest advantage lies in their commitment to an ethical approach towards customers in terms of transparency and honesty in all aspects of our operations.

Klorman Industries has now become ISO9001 compliant, this gives KI the systems and processes to ensure you receive your order on time and in full.

After all, the water you and your family relax in should be worthy of your trust.

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