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Delta Agribusiness Group launches flexible new Seasonal finance offering to clients.

In an important development Delta Agribusiness Managing Director announced recently that the business has launched a new flexible and dynamic seasonal finance product for its farming customers. The new facility named “Delta Ag Seasonal Finance” is a collaboration between Delta Ag and De Lage landen, * (DLL, a member of the global Agri finances Rabobank Group.)

The deal allows Delta Ag and North West Ag customers to apply for quick and easy access to seasonal funding to support their farm inputs requirements, specifically Farm chemicals, Fertilizer, and seed. Equipment finance is also available.

Delta Managing Director Gerard Hines explains; “We have been searching for a while to find a banking partner that could partner with us to create innovative and flexible finance offerings to our clients to assist with their seasonal funding needs. DLL are a global leader in this space, and we are very proud to work with them to deliver our clients additional funding capacity to take advantage of seasonal opportunities, and to maximize yield and production outcomes.”

DLL National Sales Manager, Food and Agribusiness for Australia and New Zealand Greg Crawford commented, “Delta Ag are a leading force in regional agribusiness, with a strong and credible brand, a focus on adding value to their clients, and a business undertaking strong growth through people power and innovative client offerings. We see Delta as a terrific partner in this space and are excited to be aligned with such a dynamic business.”

The finance offerings provide for a simple application process, no deposit, no personal guarantees up to $250,000, competitive interest rates, interest paid monthly and repayment options up to 13 months from invoice, which provides commodity marketing flexibility.

As Gerard explains, “The beauty of this product is for example, a grain grower can purchase farm inputs for winter crop planting and not be obligated to settle the debt until the following March, which allows 3 or 4 months after harvest to execute their marketing strategy, this gives a lot more control back to the grower in terms of marketing flexibility and options to help maximize price and returns. Likewise for Cotton and summer crops, the finance facility allows for a full 12 months from the use of the farm inputs. With the high cost of irrigated input programs, we think this is a game changer!”

Delta Ag clients can access this facility through their local Delta Ag branch. Delta Ag have employed a highly experienced commercial manager, Ian Armstrong, whose sole responsibility is to manage this product, support clients through the application process, and be a designated person throughout the season to communicate with around the offering and the administration aspects of it.

How it works:

Delta Ag customers meet with their local branch manager and Ian to discuss their seasons plans. A simple short form application is completed and returned to seek approval and account set-up, most of which will be conducted remotely and digitally.

Once approved Delta Ag staff will arrange the transfer of crop input invoices to the loan account. Current invoice terms will be honoured before transfer to the loan account. The customers experience in store will be seamless, customers will continue to transact as before. Repayment is by direct debit on the agreed settlement dates as approved, or earlier by arrangement.

For more information on Delta Ag Seasonal Finance, please contact your local Delta Ag, North West Ag or Lachlan Fertilizers Branch Manager or go


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