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A grass roots approach to rural health and wellbeing

Chris Duff, Justin Sampson, Ginny Stevens & Gerard Hines

After becoming the foundation partner in 2018, Delta Ag has re-affirmed its commitment to Active Farmers for another four years.

Today, Active Farmers’ vision is the same as it was on day one, and that is to build stronger and more resilient farming communities.

Led by a fantastic board, three part-time staff, multiple volunteer committees and a team of just over 40 qualified personal trainers, Active Farmers exists in over 50 small farming communities across the country. Trainers are out on the ground every week doing their bit to improve the health and wellbeing of their communities and collectively take over 250 classes per month with over 1,800 participations.

Statistics still show a high prevalence of mental illness in the bush and farmers are approximately twice as likely to take their lives by suicide.

“Our company takes great pride in investing in our local communities, and the health and wellbeing of our rural communities is a major focus. This is such an important initiative that we feel we can genuinely support in a meaningful and considered way to really make a difference,” Delta Ag Managing Director Gerard Hines said.

“At Delta, we see all too regularly the terrible tragedies that are increasingly prevalent across farming and rural communities, particularly as farms are becoming larger and advances in technology and automation are increasingly removing a lot of physical activity and isolation can become a problem.

This combined with ongoing seasonal stresses around weather and finances means that regular exercise and more active social interaction with the local community is a terrific way to help reduce the burdens and provide some critical support to health and wellbeing.”

Based on feedback and suggestions, Active Farmers has evolved to provide a variety of community-based events such as Active Farmers Games (think tough mudder for farmers), Ride for Resilience (fundraising bike rides) and Run for Resilience (fun run and walk). These events provide challenging and fun opportunities for the broader community to look forward to and enjoy.

“We are delighted that Delta Ag have extended their sponsorship of Active Farmers. They are our original Foundation partner and without them, Active Farmers would not have thrived to level it is today. There are so many other extensions of support they give us throughout their network, like promoting us through their branch network, having us on their stand AgQuip and Henty Field Days, event infrastructure and prize presentations at our on-ground community events. We are very grateful and thankful for the support of our grass roots approach to rural heath and wellbeing,” Active Farmers CEO Justin Sampson said.

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