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Precision Agriculture Pioneer Farmers Edge Enters Australia’s New South Wales with Partner, Delta Ag

Precision Agriculture Pioneer Farmers Edge Enters Australia’s New South Wales with Partner, Delta Agribusiness Leveraging Farmers Edge technology, growers are capitalizing on untapped market opportunities Winnipeg, MB and Young, NSW — January 14, 2016 — Farmers Edge™, a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions, announced today it has partnered with Delta Agribusiness, the leading force in independent rural services and the retail of agricultural inputs in regional New South Wales (NSW). Under the exclusive agreement, Delta Ag will introduce the new precision agriculture platform from Farmers Edge to Australia’s dryland farmers, bringing them data-driven strategies to optimise on-farm profitability and sustainability.

While traditionally ahead of the curve in adopting steering and guidance technologies, the broader Australian market has lagged in utilizing precision agriculture tools relative to the comparable North American agriculture markets. Challenged by adverse weather and volatile commodity and input expenses, precision agriculture in NSW – Australia’s most lucrative farming state – represents a virtually untapped market, primed for increased productivity. Farm owners and managers in this region are well placed to adopt this technology as it becomes increasingly more cost effective, seamless and proven. As NSW’s premier agriculture retailer, Delta Ag’s broad customer base has led the state on progressive farming practices and already growers from over 60,000 hectares throughout NSW have already adopted ‘Harvest More Results’ from Farmers Edge, which includes: imagery, analysed field-centric yield data and real time fleet management.

“Agriculture in Australia – and across the world – has been plateauing as productivity gains are largely achieved through improved crop varieties and genetic research and development, and farmers need to look elsewhere for the productivity gains needed in coming decades,” said Delta Ag Managing Director, Gerard Hines. “What we’re introducing to Australia is an absolute game changer – an integrated package of software, hardware and ‘boots on the ground’ support that makes precision farming accessible and achievable for all farmers. This is not just about driving yield; it’s about driving total farm performance.”

Through the field-centric technology approach from Farmers Edge, Delta Agribusiness will enable more productive and sustainable farming ultimately increasing yields for key crops. Under the terms of the agreement, Delta Ag network of customers will have access to the Farmers Edge Precision Solutions package, a comprehensive turnkey system that includes: Variable Rate Technology, soil sampling and analysis, field-centric weather monitoring, in-field telematics and data transfer, high-resolution satellite imagery, field-centric data analytics, access to integrated farm management platform and a network of highly experienced trusted advisors on the ground.

“As one of the largest broad acre cropping markets in the world, Australia has led the way in technology on the farm, but it is now poised to see another renaissance with the introduction of precision agriculture strategies,” said Wade Barnes, President and CEO of Farmers Edge. “Our partnership with a world-class agribusiness leader like Delta Ag, which has distinguished itself as a pioneer in New South Wales’s sustainable agriculture movement, is the next step in advancing better farming throughout New South Wales. By utilizing our field-centric approach to farming, growers will be able to achieve stronger yield performance across the region.”

About Delta Agribusiness Since 2006, Delta Agribusiness has become a leading force in the supply of farm inputs, delivery of farm advisory services and marketing agricultural commodities in NSW, Australia. Delta’s growth has been driven by a very clear strategy of adding value to farming clients in their operating footprint.

About Farmers Edge Farmers Edge™ is a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions. Leading the development and application of new technologies on the farm since 2005, Farmers Edge is defining the future of agriculture through innovation. For more information on Farmers Edge, please visit:

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MissionCTRL for Farmers Edge

Delta Agribusiness

Sefton & Associates Robbie Sefton 02 6766 5222 or 0428 425 556 or Gerard Hines 0407 001 445


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