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Digital transformation to shape the future as Delta Ag looks back on 10 years in agribusiness

After a decade of rapid growth, Delta Agribusiness is pausing this weekend to celebrate 10 years of success in Australian agribusiness.

“We’ve worked hard to get where we are today. I think it’s important to stop for a moment and reflect on our achievements and the people who made them happen,” said Delta Ag Managing Director, Gerard Hines.

Bringing together the people who have made the company the success it is today, Delta Ag staff across the company’s 25 business locations in New South Wales will come together in Canberra to celebrate the 10 year milestone. Staff from all branches will be celebrating with around 400 people comprising colleagues and key supplier companies.

“The value Delta Ag places in its people has been critical to the company’s success. It’s been wonderful to be part of that, and to know you are making a real difference to the working lives of farmers and the community in which they live,” said Young Branch Manager, Steve McClymont.

Since 2006 Delta Ag has grown from a modest presence in southern New South Wales, to being a major player in agribusiness with 210 staff, 25 branches, and 50 shareholders, who work within the business.

“At Delta Ag we offer a different way of doing things that focuses on the strengths and expertise of our people in partnership with the knowledge and goals of our clients,” said Mr Hines.

Delta Ag has developed a reputation for being a leader in the supply of farm inputs, delivery of farm advisory services and marketing agricultural commodities in New South Wales. It is now building on this strong foundation and pushing forward into digital technology and precision ag innovations.

“When you reflect over time, you see change. In the past decade we have seen agriculture plateau somewhat, as productivity gains are mostly achieved through improved crop varieties and genetic research and development. Farmers are looking for that extra edge to increase productivity and improve total farm performance,” said Mr Hines.

“We think an integral component will be in embracing digital technologies and applications to enhance on-farm efficiency and productivity.”

Delta Ag has already announced two cutting edge innovations to the market - the Farmers Edge® precision ag software solutions , supported on the ground by Delta Ag’s technical and advisory team, and the Delta Ag developed automated weather and soil water monitoring network (DAWWN) underpinned by regional technology innovators, Goanna Telemetry and 2m dryland soil probes. Both innovations are designed to provide farmers with accurate, affordable, accessible data in real time, to inform decisions and drive up productivity.

In 2016 Delta Ag will build on these innovations as it moves to offer a suite of affordable services to farmers, incorporating Farmers Edge®, farm inputs and application, DAWWN and potentially innovative grain marketing products.

“You often hear these new technologies referred to as ‘disruptive’, but it couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Mr Hines.

“Innovations such as DAWWN and Farmers Edge® represent opportunities for farmers to improve their productivity in an affordable, efficient and productive way, whilst still actively involving their trusted advisor on the ground.”

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