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Precision Area Contract

The Precision Area Contract (PAC) provides you with a unique and powerful grain marketing solution to mitigate your risk and enhance your profit. It is available exclusively in NSW through Delta Ag and GrainCorp.

• By combining objective paddock specific crop data, yield forecasting, local weather data, in season imagery and on the ground agronomy, GrainCorp can now offer you PA contracts for Wheat.

• PAC’s provide you with the opportunity to lock in a Multigrade Contract for a defined area, with NO Minimum and NO Maximum production requirement. Importantly, the contract covers the total production from the agreed area at the agreed price.

• GrainCorp can now offer a low cost price risk management solution due to regular and reliable crop analysis verified by your actual yield data. We have limited hectares available for this season’s crop, which we expect to be promptly and fully subscribed.

• The collection, management and analytics behind this are managed by Discovery Ag, through their powerful AgCheck platform.

• Multigrade contract with grades spreads fixed or floating
• Either delivered to site or ex-farm
• Contract now until the end of September (or until hectare limit reached)
• You will be charged a management fee of $2.50 per ha under PAC
• All grain produced on the PAC is marketed through Delta Grain Marketing
• Negotiation of contracts is through the Delta Grain Marketing team

What does a grower need to provide?

• Crop and variety
• Location of the paddock
• Sowing date
• 5 years of crop history for crop contracted
• Header yield map file after harvest

You need to be aware that GrainCorp will have visibility of your PAC paddocks using information provided to them by Discovery Ag including NDVI imagery, weather data, yield forecasts and on farm agronomist observations.


Delta Grain Armidale Office
Suite 7, 165 Beardy Street
Armidale NSW 2350
Phone: 02 6772 0000
Fax: 02 6772 0044

Delta Grain Harden Office
25-33 Bundarbo Street
Harden NSW 2587
Phone: 02 6386 2118
Fax: 02 6386 5001


1300 270 009

Delta Grain Wagga Office
Lot 4 Bomen Road
Wagga NSW 5546
Phone: 02 6971 7100

Fax: 02 6971 9006

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