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Why have Delta Livestock introduced a 3 Day Payment cycle?
Delta Livestock & Property believe that you should be paid your livestock proceeds as quickly as possible. Back in the day, it took longer to reconcile accounts and post cheques, but that is no longer an excuse to hold onto your money for days - even weeks - long than necessary.


Who is Delta Livestock & Property?
Delta Livestock & Property are a part of the broader Delta Agribusiness group. With 14 dedicated, experienced and highly motivated livestock agents, we are absolutely committed to delivering livestock producers' superior value and service.


Delta Agribusiness are regionally owned and managed; we are fiercely independent and proud to be an Australian owned. It is our powerful lock knowledge and commitment to our clients that makes a massive  difference to your bottom.


What does 3 Day payment mean to me?
When you sell livestock through Delta Livestock; at either the Wagga or Cootamundra saleyaards, your payment while be reconciled and paid into your nominated account within 3 business days. We believe this is industry leading practice - and certainly means improved cash flow for your business.


Does this offer apply to both sheep and cattle?

Yes it does. For any livestock sold through either Wagga or Cootamundra saleyards. you will be paid in just 3 business days.


Who is eligible to participate in the 3 Day Payment offer?

Regardless of whether you are an exisiting client, a new client, will be paid within 3 business days for livestock sold through either Wagga or Cootamundra saleyards.


What about livestock I sell outside the saleyards... over the hook or on Auctions Plus for example?

Simply because we don't get all of the inforomation as quickly as we'd like, these sales take a little longer to process. However, we will still process the payment in industry leading practice - and commit to make payment in 5 business days.


How do I become a Dela Livestock client?

Becoing a client is very simple. In the first instance, simply call:


David Cocoran 0400 382 388

Bill Frew 0428 482 686

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