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A Big Haul for two lucky winners.

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In early 2017 the team at Delta Ag and Kenso Agcare put their heads together to devise a promo that would in essence see two lucky clients win a high end Redline Tipper Trailer valued at over $16,000. To enter, clients would receive 1 ticket for every $1,000 they spent on Kenso Agcare products throughout the Delta Ag and LFR network of stores. The promotion ran from January to October with the winners drawn in late November.

The prize’s - two brand new Redline Tipper Trailers, commonly referred to as the “Rolls Royce” of trailers. The trailers are valued at over $16,000 each and have superior load carrying capability and have extremely high build quality standards.

Upon receiving the phone call from Coonamble Delta Ag Branch Manager Simon Peters, the winner Danny Keady of Coonamble was speechless, “You could’ve knocked me over with a feather,” Mr Keady said. “It was totally out of the blue. I had no clue that we were even a chance.”

Delta Ag branch Manager Simon Peters said his team could not be happier. “The Keadys were one of the first clients to come on board with Delta in Coonamble,” Mr Peters said. “They’ve been loyal to our company and the Kenso range from day one.”

The draw for the second Redline trailer went to Young local Farmer David Davidson. “It’s pretty close to Christmas and it was a great surprise to win a trailer of this quality” Mr Davison said. “Thank you to Kenso and thank you to Delta, it’s been a great promotion, and every time I’d drive in and out of town I would see the trailer sitting there and thought – that would be nice…” David concluded.

To run a successful promotion, you need a couple of key ingredients, committed product suppliers like Kenso Agcare are key. “It’s extremely important that we run promotions such as this. To give back to our customers in this way is not only rewarding them for their business it’s also enforcing our commitment to regional and rural Australia” – Stephen Hines, Kenso General Manger Sales, concluded.

As both trailers were hitched on by their respective winners it was clear to see that Danny and David are not only over the moon with their newly acquired trailer but also genuinely thankful to both Kenso and Delta Ag for the opportunity to win such an amazing prize.

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